WARNING: If you’re content with your job and working the 9-to-5, stop reading right now. We mean it. This is not for you. We wish you and your paycheck all the best. But if you’re sick of being a drone, sick of bosses, sick of office politics and crave something else, read on. If you want to be the captain of your own ship, read on. You’ve come to the right place.

For the first time,

the age of traditional work is over

We know the world is changing. We know the way people work is changing.

We represent a handful of a growing group of young people who are fed up with relying on outdated systems of employment, and are instead rallying to the entrepreneurial space.

Foundr started as a digital magazine (based on iOS & Android) for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs, and delivering material straight from the mouths of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Once upon a time, Foundr was just a business magazine with a few hundred readers. But we’ve grown. Now, Foundr is a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, magazine and training platform. And Foundr magazine is now enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs located all around the planet.

Launched by entrepreneur Nathan Chan in 2013 with nothing but a laptop computer and a fistful of dollars, Foundr began dedicated to the mission of helping entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business. That mission is unchanged.

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Our foundations

While still in his mid-twenties, Nathan Chan felt there were no business magazines that he could relate to.

He wanted to read something that delved deep into the world of a successful entrepreneur, showing their processes, failures, obstacles and challenges. And one that ultimately taught others straight from the mouths of the best in the world.

Wanting to personally discover the answers to all his questions about the daily struggles of starting a successful business, Nathan began to go out and interview world-changing entrepreneurs in the hope that he could learn from them. This was the point of no return. And so while still working a full time job, Nathan created Foundr.

Since its inception, Foundr has quickly become a top ranked 10 ‘Business & Investing’ Magazine in the AppStore and is currently supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across multiple platforms and resources.

What we do

Foundr is a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, digital magazine, training platform and brand.

We feature a suite of some of the most famous and world-class entrepreneurs living today, but we also like throwing a spotlight on entrepreneurs you may never have heard of; individuals toiling at the coalface of business on a daily basis.

Each month we deliver a monthly magazine issue to your mobile or tablet device. Each issue contains inspirational stories, how-tos and actionable, tactical and strategic advice you can take away and apply to your own business.

But it doesn’t stop there! We also have a stellar weekly podcast. Nathan Chan delves deep into the greatest minds in business, discovering what makes them tick and how they became successful.

We also offer hands-on educational courses to help solve specific problems many entrepreneurs face. No matter what stage of the journey you are on, we’ll show you what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and show you what’s possible through entrepreneurship.

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Who we are

We’re a ragtag group of entrepreneurs, mavericks and storytellers who decided to build a platform that aims to show you how to break away from the corporate mould and live on your own terms.

We are an independently published team with all the strength of a traditional media company, minus the politics or corporate bulls***. We are lean and mean, and we are situated all around the world.

What we want

We want to set a fire – a slow-burning fire of entrepreneurialism to get you moving, breaking free from the daily grind and building the businesses that only you could build. In short, we want you to stop dreaming and start acting! Stop waiting for permission – it’s your time.

We aim to foster a culture of authenticity, of drive, of limitless ambition and a thirst for freedom. And we want to assist a million entrepreneurs create a million businesses all around the world.

Our mission is to equip aspiring, novice, and early stage startup founders and entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and insight into how to create a successful business.

Ultimately, we’re grateful you’re here to partake in the journey with us.



Praise for Foundr…

“Since I have discovered Foundr I can’t stop talking about it, I really like it.”

– Victor M, Spain

“As a new entrepreneur fresh in the game, I can’t say how valuable your Foundr magazine and podcast have been to me. I just wanted to say thanks for creating killer content and interviews. I look forward to other things you have planned in the future and please keep up the great work.”

– Eric K, US

“Foundr Magazine could not have come at a better time in my life, I’ve already grasped so much of information from the magazine, which has assisted me in my new venture.”

– Niven P, South Africa

“This magazine has helped me in a million ways to realize my dream and make it my goal. Thank you Foundr. You showed me the path that my own mentors couldn’t show me. I’m still a 17 year old bratt. Your emails and posts have become an appetite for my brain. One day I believe I will get the result if I keep grinding everyday to achieve.

And thank you Nathan Chan for creating Foundr. We need people like you here in India.”

– Aditya Dalal, India

“I subscribed to Foundr Magazine last month and I am totally addicted. It’s a great platform with so much gold info. I am in the process of launching an online biz and all this info is gold for me.”

– Yan M, Australia

“Thanks for the email Nathan. Trust me, you’re going to reach many millions of people with Foundr. The magazine is amazing!!

You hit the nail on the head. Those just starting out don’t want to hear or read stories that celebrate those who’ve made it and how much more they’re getting. We want to know “how” they did it. We want to know how they got over the bumps in the road and what kept them focused.We want information we can use.

Thank you for believing in “you” because now I believe in me!!”

– George S

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