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The quotes below are actual iTunes reviews, from Foundr Magazine readers across the globe.

Best startup app out there.

“As a freshman entrepreneur, there is such an overwhelming amount of information at my disposal. I love Foundr Magazine for helping me sort through this information and lifting the veil on what it really takes to be successful. The information is precise, practical and immediately applicable to the daily peaks and valleys associated with this journey. Thank you for creating this excellent resource. I’d recommend it 1,000 times over.”

– Jkam01, United States

“Awesome content, great reads – All I read now is Foundr, The Economist and NYT. As a young entrepreneur myself, this has been a fabulous periodical I use to maintain motivation and learn from those more seasoned than I. Highly recommend.”

– Winston Reid, United States

“Stellar storytelling, always applicable! – Foundr is a must-have for entrepreneurs of all stripes. I can read it in my spare time and walk away reinvigorated, refocused, and ready to do big things! The magazine comes in a handy app making it easy to read on the fly.

The stories contain treasure troves of tips and tricks for entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to be the best them. The advice crystallizes what I need and want to know. I was skeptical when I first bought it, but it’s truly delightful!”

– William Ui, United States

Best magazine & podcast for startup.

“I have subscribed to numerous mags and podcasts on startups and entrepreneurship but nothing comes close to Foundr. Highly recommend to subscribe both. The second things that I do after I switching on my car engine is to start playing Foundr podcasts. Nothing compares to the kind of questions Nathan puts across to the guests.”

– Deepikoujg, United States

Foundr hits the nail on the head!

“This magazine is by far the best in its category. Foundr talks about “how” to become an entrepreneur instead of glamorizing those already at the top. This magazine is for the little guys/gals who’ve finally made the decision to live life on their terms. Their information and support are awesome!”

– George Scurry, United States

“Fantastic! A great alternative to many other magazines aimed at entrepreneurs. Great interviews and some interesting and inspiring reading. Grab a copy, you won’t be sorry.”

– Cozsa, South Africa

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