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Crowdfunding isn’t easy.

the ultimate guide to crowdfunding

Less than half of crowdfunding efforts succeed.

Many of those failures could have been successes if they’d taken the time to learn the secrets of successful crowdfunding.

To help solve this problem we’ve interviewed some of the most successful crowd funding campaigners to date whom have generated millions of dollars collectively and also interviewed the founder of Indiegogo, who in fact invented crowdfunding.

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In this Step by Step guide you are going to learn:

The Foundations of Crowdfunding and How to Get your Campaign Fully Funded

Proven Email Templates For Pitching the Press and Media

7 Successful Crowdfunding Case Studies + In Depth Interviews + Action Items

Proven Strategies & Tactics From the Founder of Indiegogo (Danae Ringellman)

PR Hacks that Will Land You a Ton of Exposure to Get Your Campaign Covered in Huge Media Outlets

How to Fine-Tune Your Marketing Message & Video

The Number 1 Secret to Why a Campaign Get’s Funded or Doesn’t

...and much more of course!

justin dye

“The Ultimate Crowdfunding Guide from Foundr Mag is an absolute must-read for entrepreneurs. This issue offers step-by-step guidance from the experts on how to hit your crowdfunding goals. I honestly believe that if you plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign of any kind, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to read this guide first.”

– Justin Dye –
Founder of Circle Five Media

The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding

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